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ouch. my eyes are bleeding.

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a bowl-grabbing blast of diarrhea

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sometimes the art of talking here is much more disgusting then the art direction... and i dont mean my english...

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Disco Munky
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I quite like these. They are the right tone of voice for the target audience and the design fits.

Don't know why these are getting blasted.


Doin' it for the points

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There is nothing worse then A LOT OF TIME SPENT ON NOTHING.

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I like the feel of these ads. If you play video games, you'd get these ads and how cool that they used the soundtrack and old school artists in their advertising.

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i like these as well. it's very reminiscent of 70's painted montage art that you would see, for example the old starwars posters that had several scenes depicted in it, versus posters now that show one big image. anyways they're all good except this one... because DJ Z-trip is one ugly foo. why did they put him in the center and in color? the rappers are way more recognizable than that guy

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Every now and then we need something like this as a palate cleanser among all the other conceptual work on here. You know, something you order between courses. Like, ummmm, turpentine...
That said, I'm sure this ad has a lot of appeal for the audience it's trying to reach. And that's all it matters to an advertiser...

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