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294 pencils

am so jealous guys!! kudos to the team.

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2 pencils

nice use of Mutlu Ornamental font!! might of needed some "customishing"...

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97 pencils

Wow, that font is a huge ripoff of Caslon 540

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Mr. Cool Supreme
142 pencils


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done guys. years ago by saatchi&saatchi and much better. nice try!

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That campaign for white teeth, right? of so: agree. this is crap compared to that

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21 pencils

This whole campaign is cynical and tasteless. But hey, what are millions of slaughtered human beings compared to some short lists?

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951 pencils

yeah, "motherfcker", "bastard" and etc...
black on yellow. calligraphy.

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Firstly let me say that I don’t really think much of these ads, not clever or striking, it was purely viewing some of the comments that encoureged me to add my own.
Secondly, maybe a few of you making comments should realise that the creators are simply using a very simply message from Ogilvy (I think), there are never right or wrong fonts only appropriate or inappropriate. The meaning being that the style of typeface chosen can have a big impact on the way we view the word and the meaning of it.

Maybe the creators should have had a more appropriate font on the following page for each execution just to appease the audience.


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With a good or a bad typo Auschwitz remains hell on earth and there is no way to make it look good !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Cockroach Constitution is hilarious.

A book by P.S. Bridgeman

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I think The Cockroach Constitution is on
This book deals with the exploits of The
Roachalinis. They are a mafia-cockroach family doing business in New York City.
The key character is Donnie Cohiba Jr. He is the Roachalini captain of Manhattan and Long Island. He's also the owner of Cohiba Sanitation.

On his way home, he encounters a human named Sarah Smith. Sarah is an NYU student, studying to be an entomologist.(insect scientist) She persuades Donnie to grant her an interview on the resilience of the cockroach. What ensues is a glorious account of the cockroach's incredible journey throughout history, told as only a mobster-cockroach could.

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