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Hammad S
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Diabetes robs children of their youth? Or their young facial looks... I really dislike that font choice....

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the idea seems relevant only wen u read the fineprint/copy at the bottom...nd the headline shud hav read 'Diabetes robs childhood' wud hav made more sense...

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Mediocre concept.


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I think it works

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Mr. ok
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naaaa.. Negativo.

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I like the font, it's comic books approach like the mask - good guys and bad. do not forget, that children see adds too and also they can read

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MarioLuigi Bros
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I don`t like the font.

Then i don`t like the copy- it robs them of what exactly? If their childhood, then he wouldn`t be drawing. If only of their looks, that is too superficial thinking.

The art direction is totally creepy.

All in all, i don`t like it.

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