Fondation Abbé Pierre: Rock on, 7

From September 18th to 28th, a very special auction sale will take place on, climax of the campaign organized by BDDP Unlimited all along this summer for the Fondation Abbé Pierre.

The agency has asked famous underground graphic designers to realize in a pure graphic-rock spirit, 7 advertising posters to denounce extreme bad conditions of housing. The posters were distributed on the occasion of the music festivals this summer. To conclude this operation, the Fondation Abbé Pierre is now going to sell , via eBay, a unique serigraphic edition of these posters.

This inovative initiative is the final part of the multimedia device BDDP Unlimited developed to inform young people who are among the 1st victims of bad conditions of housing. These posters come on top to the 2 TV spots

This strategy developed in the social spirit of rock has allowed the Foundation to receive a very strong reception from the young audience and to get 15,800 signatures, which will be soon sent to the Ministry of Housing.

September 2009


ericofthedead's picture
64 pencils

French, Punk & Anarchist - I love it

Davai's picture
618 pencils

Poor lines. The visuals are not so nice neither.
By the way Ivan, the agency is not BBDO.

Prof's picture
1449 pencils

Love the style, makes you look twice. Not so sure about the lines, though they don't suck.

Quite really.

Guest's picture

Horrible illustration !
Pas d'équilibre, pas de direction artistique, pas de goût... Et en plus c'est illisible. Enfin, il en fallait bien une de raté dans le tas.


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