Folha de S. Paulo newspaper: Monroe

The Movie Stars are in your Newspaper.
Cinema Poster Collection. Every Sunday, free, at the Folha.

Advertising Agency: Africa Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Bruno Brasil
Art Director: Bruno Brasil
Copywriter: Fabio Seidl
Illustrator: Felipe Guga


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Crisp One
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I had to make pics like his in my Typography classes back in school...

Idea is weak, execution is weaker... they weren't sure the consumer would see it so they left a picture in the bottom left....tisk...tisk

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Crystal Clear
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I think the picture in the bottom left is there to show the readers what the free give-away poster actually looks like.

Nevertheless, I agree that the idea is weak.


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FOUR Creative Directors???? 4??

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Nizan, you're out of the game. sorry.

this is bad and meaningless.

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Guest commenter

I can hear my typography teacher screaming on this one. and I'm with you 4 creative directors? and not one saw that this is a bad idea....

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Luis Maram
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It is exactly the same work for the nude calendar of Taylor Lane. You can see it here:

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Greg Jenkins

Good job and cool artwork.I don't like the pack shot very much, but it is clean and makes the connection directly.

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easy tiger
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hahahahahahahahahaha it's as if the Typer Museum Campaign, by Paul Belford, didn't exist ...

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Tom Taborda
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Freebies should always be appealing and if it is a poster,atleast look sensous. Not typographs or caricatures! Even the art director himself was not convinced the ad would deliver, hence the real poster at the bottom.
Readers' intelligence has evovled considerably so do not insult their thought process. Keep it direct and simple!

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Guest commenter

Typography is sooo 90's

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Guest commenter

Typography is so 90's

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