Folgers: Keep It Simple, 3

No monsters, bulls, or rockstars, just coffee. Folgers. Keep It Simple.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, San Francisco, USA
Art Director: Martins Zelcs
Copywriter: Bryan Stokely

July 2013


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works for me.

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also irrelevant.
keep it simple is fine, but there is no insight in the headline.

i never associated any of those things with coffee in the first place, nor was i thinking about them until the headline brought it up for no reason and struck it down

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Ife Hearted
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^Are you unaware that those are all brand names of beverages that also give you energy? It's a competitive jab. It works, but the headline might benefit from a little double entendre before the end by making 'bull' singular:

No Monsters.
No Rockstars.
No Bull.
Just coffee.

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that just makes it worse, theyre not saying anything for themselves, just insulting the competition

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Ife Hearted
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They're not "insulting" the competition, but they are trying to take them down a peg. And in doing so, they ARE saying something for themselves, that they're "just coffee." No gimmicks, pretense or anything else.

It's not like the ad said, "Monsters are scary. Drink coffee instead."

I'm not saying it's the best ad in the world, but it works.

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"insulting" , "taking down a peg" , however you wanna cut it, theyre doing nothing but playing off other brands' established images.
they arent creating it for themselves.

like i said, "keep it simple" is a fine concept, but the way they went about saying it is just cheap and lazy, according to my standards anyway

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kinda agree with certaintly here..

like they always say, if you can swap the logo of the coffee with another brand and it still works, then there is no strong brand integration

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i love it ,its a place that only focus on coffee whats there not to get lol THUMBS UP

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I'm not sure on US trademark law, but wouldn't including the Monster and Rockstar wording in styles like their trademarked logos create legal problems without big disclaimers?

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Liked the approach – different from a toned down coffee ads I've mostly seen. Clever

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Good. Here's your diploma. Now go out and do some real scams.

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not good but also it remember me another print design like that

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*reminds me

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-Ok art direction
-The typography will do, but it's already been done so much
- I get that you're trying to pick on the competition, but the copy could've been spun in some creative direction instead of just naming the other energy beverages off.

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Doesn't work for me. For an ad that says 'keep it simple' it's hardly visually simple, the typography is too intricate, big and varied which is sat on another intricate busy background with weird wispy steam to boot it's almost the complete opposite of the simple. How does this work?! The idea is great but the execution doesn't match at all for me.

Nice init

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