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dont know about you guys, but im gettin' kinda sick of ideas using the gutter in the middle of magazines.
and the staples.
this is a cool idea i guess, im just finding it all a bit tired...

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i hear you. But in this case, it'll probably win awards.

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Not probably... it's guaranteed. Ah heck, more flatscreen ads and I'll barf.

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i like tis idea! brilliant!

William Bernbach - An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.

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This idea has been done to death. Not original at all. I hope it wins the "How many times we can recreate an ad that's already been done to death" award. Blah.

original doodles + creative sweat = thinkingfresh.ca

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Winning entry.

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i agree. How much flat tv ideas we have seen? The big problem, is that every body is only looking for an idea and not for an IDEA in advertising.
Can you remember the name of the brand?
Saturday I gonna buy the flat screen of the sony, instead of the...the....the... Oh shit what's its name? You know the flat screen...you remember? yes the so great idea!...

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Show's the USP. That's all. Plus the perspective is off on the girl. It looks like she's more than 4 feet away from the guy... how wide is this thing???

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Would it be better if they just showed a picture of the flat screen, the logo and said "buy it"? You big city folk should come here to Halifax Nova Scotia and see what bad advertising is really like!

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I love it, totally de-luxe ad! The gutter ads are old news but thats not a problem if it's used as good as this.

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maybe it can be inspiration for me someday...

it's hard to catch the meaning...

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