FM Studio: Tongue

Gym are not always places where training comes easy at all: you have to deal with a crowded environment, a noisy, sweating human fauna. Changing gym is not the solution, you need to look for an evolution of its concept: that's FM Studio.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Milano, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Roberto Greco
Head of Art: Francesco Fallisi
Copy Supervisor: Simona Angioni
Art Director: Gaetano Cerrato
Copywriter: Serena Pulga
Account Supervisor: Emanuela Carnaghi
3D Illustrator/Photographer: Michelangelo Rossino
Graphic Designer: Gaetano Cerrato
Art Buyer: Virginia Salvucci
Production House: Livello 6


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These aren't hitting on a benefit at all. Any gym could have annoying people who want to talk to you. Unless this one caters exclusively to mutes, I don't see them being any different. So in the end, I simply associate this gym with annoying people who want to talk to you.

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Evolution of its concept? It's not communicated here.

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Mi piace.

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John Sacco
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No USP (Unique Selling Proposition), no benefits communicated. What's so great about going to this gym? Visual and headline are cute but don't convey any type of real message.

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