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Powerful scent of flowers.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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hey look, it's my mother-in-law!

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Crisp One
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Sweet retouch job on these!

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....i will never understand it if the add doesnt say it

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440 pencils the way AWESOME art work, but i dont understand it

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It's so easy to critic.

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Thanks, there's logic in Tide campaign.
joe la pompe...take note!


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Nothing but good Photoshop

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Wasn't flower-power the campaign idea for Volkswagon a couple of decades ago??

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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I find that it is a good idea but no news.But what is not new it is "flower power".
the machine of war against the tasks, a delicate and sweet machine is good. The placement of product is clean.

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So much flower power, the flower nation is declaring war on your clothes! DEATH TO THE LAUNDRY, emitters of foul stench!

I do not like it. I want detergent to be gentle with my clothes. Perhaps the audience is men?

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The Language is the Artwork... Lovely Ad...

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Good lord is anyone around here work on a global consultancy?,
The ads is sending a message of peace, most likely against belic conflicts around the world, plus the brand name is Flor, which means Flower on English....
Nice cute ads by euro.

David S.

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Daniel Todd

Finally, David S. you informed these people of the real message of the ad. Scrolling down the comments i couldn't believe the naivety of some people who claim to be interested in advertising. PEACE is the message by using strong visuals such as fighter jets and aircraft carriers......god if you havnt understood it by now, well find a new path in life. It people like you idiots that are being paid to write useless ad's. I cant believe I have just wasted time on writting this essay to get the message clear.

get lost.

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Look Daniel Todd, the ad sucks. Give us copy. Bet you feel real good about your comment box.



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Guest commenter

I understand it. I like it. It's very clear for me.

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