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chintan ruparel
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hey, thats a gr8 idea! plus good photo, so 8.5/10 for me!

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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seems a little too familiar. small things getting stuck or lost in the cracks. not the best from Olivier and the gang.

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Great art direction, but do you really want to sell slim mobile phones by telling people they're easier to lose?

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exactly my point too. won't make me purchase this product after seeing such kind of discouraging ad. is this ad for awards or for your client's profit???

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it's not very positive but i love it anyway. even if the ultra-slim thing has been done in so many ways this one still smells kinda new to me.

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That's quite large hole, any kind of mobile would stuck there. Not that good and done before. But good execution.

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please show me where it´s been done before... cause i dont think so...

great idea and execution!!!!!'s picture
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yor are right,
don't buy it you will lose it and never find it again.
I would like more to see something rather positiv about it being sooo slim.

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great job.

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i really like this ad!

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Just passing by, they are saying that the phone is very slim. But just take the height of the eyes. I don't want a phone slim like this ;-)

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Have Heart
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Very good idea.

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I've had this same idea, using exactly the same images (they're from image bank) in 2006, when working at Fala! - we prospected the Benq•Siemens account here in Brazil. Should anyone be interested, the layouts can be seen here: . Since the mobile phone we used on the ads wasn't as thin as today's models, I didn't bother to use the third image, where the man looks through a very thin space between two floor boards, because it'd look false.
As we say, ideas are on the air, and anyone watching the same images can be driven to the same idea. It just happens. Anyway, a nice idea.

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The ad does not tell people not to buy the phone coz they will lose it, it drives home the point that it is slim. I am sure consumers are aware of the fact that small things get lost easily but if they want a slim phone, they know it is easy to lose so they will be more careful.