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Scam Detector
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oh god.
I hope this isn't saying that this one lightbulb will light the whole stadium by putting it on that orange crosshair.
Please someone tell me this isn't the concept.

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andrej dwin
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I'm afraid it is.
but if you don't take it literally and all too seriously, I think it's a good idea.
somewhat of an overpromise, but it delivers the message clearly and in a nice way.
*the best skate/snow/surfing videos and pictures.
*updated daily!

AdArena: Sex Sells

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I'm with mecajet. Then there is the added problem that at a glance it looks like those ESPN ads that look like those Olympus ads

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guys i think you all said enough about fears for the ad not to be what you think it could... i add my voice with yours...lets all prey together..

| everartz |

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If the exaggeration is not funny (and in this case it's really not funny!!)
it's simply a lie. So I, too, fold my hands in prayer.

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Scam Detector
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OK, also Bangkok has had its creative peek last year. From now on they will be like Hong Kong, Singapore and South America: old news.

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Corner Store
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What kind of field is this? Why are they counting down from 25?

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Please stop copying all the ads from
In the last two weeks you have copied at least 30, including this one from OgilvyOne, Bangkok.

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finalist cannes 2007

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Scam Detector
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