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I guess something like this was already, posted on the exhibitions section sometime back… I guess Conceptual Eyes posted it…!

- The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close-up.

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Bundy Agency
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if you guessed this piece by conceptual eyes http://adsoftheworld.com/files/Dulux.%20Non%20Drip%20Paints.jpg
then you guessed right theyre both for a quick dry paint, thats about the only comparison, apart from the rough photoshoping i like the concept and i love how brave these indian clients are, more than likely it was done for awards and they'll stick a big fat logo over it later but i still love the subtle branding

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this one, but it's really not one of my best ideas.


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copycats ;)

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Horrible Photoshop! who needs their floor painted "see-through cyan"?

Nice concept though.

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If you're an Indian, you'll appreciate the color. I noticed many of my Indian friends do like it. But probably not painting their brand new wooden floor with it.

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Don#t look photoshopped to me at all. Where's it 'see through'?

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Have a look here and scroll down to the bottom. http://mapage.noos.fr/joelapompe2/
But anyway, this ad won a lion last week.

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That's why not all of those Cannes winners deserve them....some are really really awesome breakthrough, most are superb...but a small fractions are old idea, with non refreshing angle.

Example: There's one Bronze winner for Motorola slim phone that uses the thickness of the magazine. Done hundred of times before, but they still get away.

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the garden seat ad on the quickdry was created by the same person.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Yokel, you cant see bad photoshop, then you cant see photoshop all together!

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Oh, believe me I can see Photoshop. That's my daily bread. And either this is good PS or not at all. Where is it 'see through'? The gaps between the boards? They're boards, they have gaps. Take a look, some even have paint in the gaps. I doubt they would waste time with PSing it when it's quicker, cheaper and better to paint the danged floor, seeing as they had to do a photo shoot anyway. The only part which is PSed is the top right corner. Probably because their floor wasn't big enough.

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sakal jain
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Ah! the painter needs training. . . painting in the reverse direction. . . poor basics.

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dahh!quik dry??

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I like, i only wish the floor was a more rugged floor, you know kinda textured like youd have at a beach house just a personal preference i guess.

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This concept have been done 09827342730954782 times.


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Hi copycat...........meow.....
should be ashamed of yourself, mckann!!!

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Yada yada yada yada... yep!

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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People paint floors? i thot they had tiles for those..or carpets..and yeah we indians like colour- on the walls though

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Simple and not original

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la idea esta muy bien pero le falto se un poco menos obvio y mas produccion es la realizacion

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This ad got
1 Cannes bronz
2 oneshow nomination
3 clio nomination
4 communication art
5 Its in work
6 adfest nomination
7 Its in archive

I think seeing all the comments on this ad by xtremly wise and talented people,
all judges in the world are either dumb.
Or art director must be given hell lot of bribe to all the judges.

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Idea is straight forward and simple, personally i like simple ideas but smart pushes it to another level.
btw winning awards simply mean other works aren't as good in the eyes of the judges, that's all. Don't make the work lovable in all cases.

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bad photoshop. nice idea.

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thinking aloud here...
takes down notes on ideation process:
what would happen if paint dries faster than you can say, 'done!', while you're painting? so, you can show the can of paint without having to show the can or the logo at the bottom, and you can clearly show this is a paint ad...

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Really good.

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