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John Huerbert II
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stunning my africans.
never have i ever seen a masterpiece such as the one my eye is watching at this point when i am relaxing at winter villa. look at that background. it is grenemenue. without a doubt the most kriptoaloposeaic wall that ive ever seen. reminds me of the day my driver was lost and we found ourselvs in an area of some unfortunate people lived. they did not grow up as like us. they drove their own cars to work and you could see their homes from their fence. thats what john calls roughing it. oh my the momories i am upset now this piece has upset me and yes i do have a lawer. ha ha ha. i am after you africans you shall repay me.
huebert signing out....BITCHES


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ok john,

we get it. you steal your weird comedy from napoleon dynamite, then sign out by spelling your name wrong. it was kind of funny at first but now is becoming a little boring.

-rebel for a cause is a really cool idea. not really sure about these shirts though.


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Disco Munky
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Idea is cool, but could have maybe used a sweatier girl/guy and grimier surroundings.

That Huerbert guy is a tool. We should kick him in the stones and then bog fulsh him.

If there was some sort of fight club, that when we went to this fight club, we could get to trade blows at said fight club, then I'd punch him in the mouth.....fight club.

shhhhhhh, not supposed to talk about this fight club.

Doin' it for the points

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chintan ruparel
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didn't like it 2 much.

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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this one is so so to me as well...and whats with the cigarette? this is supposed to be an ad for an event that is raising money to destroy a disease...obviously cigarettes dont cause aids, but they are sending mixed messages here.

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the mighty ham
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unadulterated shite, pretentious wank.

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Javi Ending
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The visual is alright but i love the copy

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