Fiskars Gardening Tools: Garden letters, Schrecken

The way your garden looks like, lies in your own hands.

Each ad shows a word made of parts of plants, saying something very negative, horrific - only that with Fiskars it is trimmed down to a few letters - the way it should be.

Advertising Agency: Heye & Partner GmbH, Unterhaching, Germany
Creative Director: Ulrich Luetzenkirchen
Art Director: Christian Woelky
Copywriter: Stefan Amtmann
Illustrators: Christian Woelky, Maximilian Haupt
Photographer: Mathias Remmling
Published: January 2010

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Otro copy más con "...en tus manos" pffff

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Please no more typographic ads like these. So f-ing boring.

Dzsoi's picture
5961 pencils

Indeed. Typographic ads with the same look!-with/without-those-letters-it-means-something-different! concept.

Hiperion's picture
3138 pencils

I don´t get it and I don´t care

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horrible execution- cheap cheap cheap.- Mr.Ad

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hey it still sticks out from all the lets-pack-it-to-the-max ads you see all too often. Plus, it does make for a nice gag in german, the gardening scissor cuts the word for horror into the word for hedge.

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bad, Amazing u even published it.

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