Fishing Adventures: Advice

Buy the magazine in which you will find stories and tips from billions of fishermen.
From fisherman to fisherman

Advertising Agency: Propaganda, Bucharest, Romania
Creative Director: Andrei Tripsa
Art Director: Bogdan Moraru
Copywriters: Dan Amariei, Costin Milu, Tudor Pascanu
Illustrator: Bogdan Moraru


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O mizerie !

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Phil Lestino
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Hah I don't know what language xel speaks but I think misery is a great word for this!

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looks old. but not good old. don't like the lines' layout. vintage effect went wrong.

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it looks strange.. too strange!

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I like background.

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ek kanya
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nice one. nice art. too sweet.

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billions ? WTF there are over 6 billion ppl on earth maybe millions of fisherman

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