Fisher Space Pen: Alien, 2

Civilizing space since 1968.

Advertising Agency: Kastner & Partners, Sydney, Australia

Executive Creative Director: Darryn Devlin

Art Directors / Copywriters: Dan Foster, Darryn Devlin
Photographer: Sean Izzard

Retoucher: Cream


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Why the ECD/CW is showing his face here again?

outsmart me, if you can

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I dont one.

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Watered. Like the others of the campaign.

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clear and easy to understand, nice.

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love it!

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This is a Getty Image shot by photographer Adrian Samson

you can see it here:

and here:

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who d hell is this photographer 'Sean Izzard'

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And the original post-production was developed by

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Yes, I just heard that Kastner & Partners bought this image of mine on Getty and credited themselves as creatives and the photographer for the capture (I can't see any photographic capture here other then ours). They forgot to mention that it was me and my team who came up with the concept of the alien for our portfolios and they simple went on to make another two alien images following our art direction. Next time any of you uploading your work, make an effort to credit and drop an email to those who inspired you so we don't feel that we've been cheated. Adrian Samson and Theimagefoundation

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