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Why not just stick/photoshop an Eclipse thingy onto the tongue
or in the gob of all forementioned foul mouthed beasts?
This isn't quite doing it for me.
Freshen foul mouths!!! Hmmmm.... scribble, scribble...

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Another People
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Is your choice, Rog.

I think this ad is new for me. cool!'s picture
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very nice visual to me

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This is just a different execution for a very old idea.
Dont like it. In Cannes 04 won somthing similar for some mint stripes.
Here the links:

Theyre doing like movies.
Grab an old one and make a new one with more money and cooler effects.
Thumbs Down!

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You are partly right, but these are different though. It's a very interesting execution's picture
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you are right somehow, because this one are better then the old ones.

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See my comments under the dog one.

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Saatchis NZ did the exact same thing 5 years ago for a Public Awareness campaign about poisioning the sea..

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not convincing...

... its already been done...

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hmm.. actually.. i like the ones Rusio posted better. The tone is way too dramatic and the tone is wrong on these. i like these better.