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This is a very nice campaign. Congratulations.

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best of the series. the garlic one is more difficult to understand as a dialogue box.

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excelent! really simple
(miguelandréscortés / Art Director / Leo Burnett Colombiana)

(miguelandréscortés / Graphic Creative / Y&R)

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I like these! They're simple and fun and you get it right away.

Only thing I would do different is the logo/product treatment.

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Dirrty Frank
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Simple and breakthrough. Cute

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Would it be overkill to mention that it's a mouthwash product? I mean, I prefer it this way, because I know what Listerine is... but I guess a lot of people don't...

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Awesome stuff, simple effective and relevant. LOVE IT!

The concept is only as good as the execution.

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Very nice campaign, except the Garlic one (Doesn't look like a speech bubble). Anyway great thought and a very neat execution.

It comes just like that!


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Nice one

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muy cheeevere su campaña muchachos, jejejeje

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Done by BBDO Panama 2005.

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it's a shame that the idea was lifted/inspired by Panama 2005, but this campaign is far more visually appealing in my opinion.

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great! Simple and strong.
The idea was by BBDO Panama, ok, but those ads were not easy to understand. Those ones were strong but not so simple. This fish is much better, so anyway congralulations for going a step further.

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Sue Anna Joe
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I thought it was a disfigured fin coming out of the fish. The onion was even more vague. I would probably get the fish/onion breathe, but I definitely wouldn't have figured out the pointy speech bubble bit without reading the comments.

Though the simplicity and strong colors and contrast did attract me to stop and look at these ads.

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Roshan Quintus
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cool. very simple very minimalistic. i love this type of ads.

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