First Class Institute: Minority Report

Translated, is not the same. Learn English today.

Million Dollar Baby was translated as Destiny Blows (Golpes del Destino)
Minority Report was translated as After Judgement (Sentencia Previa)
The Green Mile was translated as Miracles Unexpectedly (Milagros Inesperados)

Advertising Agency: Nexus BBDO Bolivia
Creative Director / Copywriter: Oscar H. Castañeda
Art Director: Jorge Ortiz Molina

March, 2008


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Hmmm...not really sure what's going on here. But we all know that when you're talking about learning English, nothing tops this:

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wow, its really bad...

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En mi isla we always make fun of the horrendous translation of the titles, it's always sooo off.

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the copy directly below the main title is a direct translation of the title - but since it's directly translated, the essence of the show is lost, as you can see the notes of what the direct translation means.

Cute and quite appropriate too - but the success of these would depend on the movie's popularity in the country. For example, only Minority Report is the only hit movie in my country.

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actually the copy below does not directly translate it, in all the 3 pieces. That would be funnier; instead it's what i guess was the title chosen for the movie in this particular country.

the copy translates to something like "anticipated sentence" or so. But in a question format.

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Done.... seen before

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I think it's cool. It must be pretty hard for native English speakers to grasp this, but in my opinion this is VERY effective. As a Brazilian native, I've had my share of good laughs are ridiculous movie title translations to Portuguese.

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Debes saber al menos un poco de inglés para entender la ironía de estos, no creo que funcione.
A propósito, ¡deberían fusilar a los traductores de los títulos de las películas!

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Ésto es un vil fusil. Esta campaña ya la he visto con mucha anterioridad, además la campaña fusilada era mucho mejor.

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What´s up with Bolivia?

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I believe that the main problem with this ad, is that the target group is people who dont speak english, and the only way the get the "coolness" of this idea is if you understand english and live in south america, then you know that the titles given to these movies are completely different than the original english versions, and they seem ridiculous to you, but then again you only know this if you speak and understand english, a characteristic that is not within the target group obviusly.

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If you understand spanish then you understand this ad... sometimes happens that the spanish translation of the movies titles are totally different from the original one, of course you're not the target... anyway this doesn't work for me... great old idea like my sweet grandma =D

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