First Choice Milk: Braces

The bubblegumminess without the messiness.

Advertising Agency: Boomtown Strategic Brand, South Africa
Creative Director: Andrew Mackenzie
Copywriter: Gary Welsh
Creative Group Head / Art Director: Tim Jones
Photographer: Paul Cocks
Retoucher: Graham Bartholomew
Account manager: Estee Cockcroft

April, 2013


certaintly's picture
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messiness isnt really a problem for bubblegum.

this is a great product (creatively speaking) that deserves a much funner idea

venom_elite's picture
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Why is the model so old? How many 45 year old's do you know have braces and chew gum? At least shop out the wrinkles.

Dream brief - they really dropped the ball on this one.

Cristina and Chris's picture
Cristina and Chris
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It seems a bit forced to use someone with braces... The product would lend itself to much quirkier and fun ideas like cows with bubble gum udders or who knows what else. Agree with venom on this one, didn't really push it far enough.

jackblack's picture
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Yuck. And I'm not talking about the gum.

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