Firestone: Shark

Destination All Terrain.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Venezuela
Chief Creative Officer: Fabian Bonelli
Creative Directors: Eduardo Gomes, Demian Campos
Art Directors: Yoryi Cantor, Deivy Marquez, Jose Bajares
Copywriters: Bernardo Tortolero, Luis Amaya
Illustrator: Termica Studio
Published: February 2013


Meredith Singh's picture
Meredith Singh
401 pencils

"Hey, let's stick a logo on these cool tire sculptures and then go home early." "Sounds good."

JamaisVu's picture
408 pencils

If they paid for it, I don't see why not?

Meredith Singh's picture
Meredith Singh
401 pencils

Who says they paid for it? It looks like they just hired an illustrator to mimic the sculptures – otherwise they would have photographed the originals. They didn't even credit the sculptor.

Luis Maram's picture
Luis Maram
252 pencils

Great art direction. The insight is OK too.

STRTLRS's picture
1601 pencils

Shark is a sea creature, not seeing how it could be all terrain. Sorry.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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