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It's a great car ad! Respect! Why didn't it get Golden Drum? Good luck in Cannes though!

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This is a very very good idea!!!
I love that.

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i donnot get it
can somebody explain it?

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VW transporter can fit inside.

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Why not find the hidden ant inside? Or dog? Or the Art Director? Or whatever???

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or a PuppiePoppy?
"Wwwhimper Wwwhimper"

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absolutly fastastic copy,
very clever

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oldschool idea, but very nice

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Simple and clever. Well done!

>>> Dobrá práca chalani!

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Hah.... nice

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Piet Miller

It's not true! There's no Volkswagen transporter inside. You want to know how I know? Because it would never fit. Unless this is a special made very big Boxer.

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Of course not, but this should not be taken literally. This is just a funny way to say ours is bigger than yours.

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andrej dwin
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I'd say it's not inside, but standing behind it. but you can't see it, because it's smaller.
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AdArena: Sex Sells

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Cheeky, but done.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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playing peek-a-boo yea? ....... caught ya......heeehee

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What was volkswagen's reply to this?:)

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Besides the ZING on the copy I will tell you why this is a great ad. How long do you think curious consumers will stare at this ad before they realize that there is no hidden Transporter in it? By that time the image of this van will be firmly planted in their memories... BRILLIANT!!! Does anybody feel guilty or silly for looking for a hidden car?


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John Dunbar

dear all,

one big bad thing on this is, that this ad had never seen the light of the day, here, in Slovakia... it is fictional campaign that never happen. it is one of that concepts, that remains useless in desk drawer, just because client would never have courage to bring it on real campaign... then, I think, are much worthy such concepts, which brings brilliant creative even in this hard circumstances.

moreover, i find this concept weak, single-sided and i could not accept it as good creative - it comes to me like in kindergarten quarrel: "I am bigger!" "Not, you aren't! I'm!". even i like the simplicity of art-direction.

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It's a simple idea that works.

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i didn`t get it

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It's a great car ad! Respect! Why didn't it get Golden Drum? Good luck in Cannes though!