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Some tools aren’t a luxury
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Advertising Agency: DDB UK, London, UK
Creative Directors: Sam Oliver, Shishir Patel
Art Director: Rob Messeter
Copywriter: Mike Crowe

September, 2010


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Really nice looking ads but can't help any tool a luxury? It's a tool.

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i agree

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Yes, some tools are a luxury. A pneumatic nail gun is a luxury compared to a traditional hammer and nail. Both get the same job done, one more easily than the other.

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Right. is any tool a luxury?

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I agree, I thought it was mis-translation but this ad is from the UK. And I don't find the concept itself clever, deep or relevant enough for a product like Financial Times.

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L. Montandon
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So, now the special forces needs to use FT Subscriptions?
kkkkkk, i don't think so.

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Sushi lover
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where is the tool?

Dream needs to be big!

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the policemen come from Pilipinas

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Really now, and where are you from?

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