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This may be Brazillian, colourful and fresh, but the basic platform just isn't doing it for me.

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nice art

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hhm.. is that

"i'll give you the candy, but you gotta exercise first"


"Go get the candy! but with your fila shoes"

The message is not clear, but it's pretty :P

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"Get of your fat frikkin' ass and exercise!" (but do it with Fila shoes)

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The most attractive thing in these ads are the sweets.

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Yeah, same old story...

first they give you candy and then your bum hurts...

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Crisp One
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so.......don't teach your kids nutrition, but them shoes?

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Bundy Agency
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The tag line changes from the first to the last one.
run son run.
vico, andre is gonna spank you so hard

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I don't think it's saying "get off your fat ass and exercise" or anything like that literally. Matter of fact, exercising has nothing to do with it.
It's telling you to run for your lives before it's too late, meaning, run away from all those sweet evil things before they can catch up with you and eventually inducing sugary DEATH!!! Do not succumb to evil temptations, is the message here, I think.
That's why there's that little emergency exit type of graphic at the end.

Sure, it's an ad for a running shoe, so exercise is already implied. But here, the message is just a little wider than that. Also, a fun double meaning on the word "run."

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Nice selling Jet - i tot so too. Obesity, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise among children are of concern these days.

No matter wat u do,
33% of the people will love it,
33% of the people will hate it,
And rest won't give a #@%#.

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people, you have to know: the target IS NOT KIDS.
is the mothers and fathers with kids age 2-3 to 12-13.

so, please, agree: is more easy make your son run (make exercises) than make him forget candies and chocolate that can make him fat...

it's like: "Fathers and Mothers, since you will not win the 'war' against candies and chocolate, make your son starts to exercise, run for example! In that case, we offer you Fila shoes for kids"

as a father, i got it perfectly.

my son love candies and i can't talk with him about fat cells and nutrition (only 5 years old, he can't understand!), but at least i put him on exercises, i choose Capoeira (type of brazilian fight) and swimming classes... now i start to think invite my son to run with me twice in a week.

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