Fides Salud: 33

We needed a health care provider that treated people like people.
Fides Salud, personalized care.

Advertising Agency: Braga Menendez, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Creative Director: Bruno Gerondi
Art Director: Horacio Ledesma
Copywriter: Catriel Aiello

November 2009


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excellent campaign

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this is a great idea, true insight. I dont like de art work, but still good

El que sabe, sabe arte. El que no, es redactor.

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Jaap Grolleman
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What do the numbers mean?

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Is the queue numbers that is treated not like a human
*With a little depression

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Generally, In hospitals, patients are being treated as patient# (just patient and nothing more). Thats why they did use the Numerics as Patient#. Please go into the depth of Copy "We needed a health care provider that treated people like people. Fides Salud, personalized care". Fides Salud is a personalized care platform where patients are not being treated as just patients; they are being properly cared as Humans with love and respect. Did it work for you?

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Reality Check
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Decent health care campaigns are few and far between, and I’m having a hard time remembering a recent one that impressed me like Fides Salud.

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Great stuff.

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This piece is made only for spanish speakers, i think.

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Camilo Machado
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As an art director currently working in pharma, this is a nice campaign. Once can clearly get a good idea of what the brand promise might be for the brand, and it communicates its well. Nice implementation of the 3D numbering considering the real life environment. Original? Maybe not. Good work considering the field? Yes. Nicely done.

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i like it

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Don't treat people like a number.

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We needed a health care provider that treated people like people (shouldn't there be need instead needed and treat instead treated ) or might be translation error if originally made in other than English

please someone shed light


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