Fiat: Sky, 1

Advertising Agency: Giovanni + DraftFcb, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Adilson Xavier, Ricardo John, Sidney Araújo
Art Director: Marcus Saulnier
Copywriter: Luiz Kanadani
Art Buyer: Érika Sartini
Photographer: Alexandre Salgado / Stock Photos
Illustrator: Big Studios

July 2008


CGilb09's picture
572 pencils

I haven't the slightest idea what this campaign is advertising, but it's not interesting enough to make me want to figure it out.

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OMaxweller's picture
79 pencils

I think this is a very clever way of advertising a new sunroof in a car. Rather than placing the shadow on half of the photo, its utilizing half of an object. Nice work.

hello2riyas's picture
22 pencils

Its not good!

littlecake's picture
54 pencils

I have no idea what this is all about and even if it is half an object - I did not get it the first time and I still don't get- that not good advertising!

awenindo's picture
215 pencils

its just a ruddy sunroof for the love of god! the copy says as much. is the general intelligence quotient so low?

syammydhif's picture
4 pencils

what's the matter with the sky/ it something special...i couldn't read the message it's still blur perhaps there is no correlation uncover life

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