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this is the lamest way to deliver the message !!! is this a dummy layout or final artwork??

x-men's picture
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Too much TV guys.

william_wang's picture
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Agree with u.

And, most consumers will revolt against this message, because most of them are not cool as Cruise.

addyhoch10's picture
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cruise is cool? didn't know that

Blahg's picture
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Seconded. Unless it's a commercial for a sofa warehouse or crazy pills Cruise shouldn't be allowed to appear in ads anymore.

puppiepoppy's picture
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What has tinting got to do with the silhouette? If the idea is about hiding ugliness, then this is a tasteless execution for an automotive brand. And worse, this is no idea.

Blahg's picture
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Do you just copy and paste the same comment over and over again?

ChuckNorris's picture
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It's not a double page spread.
This kills the joke.

It's supposed to be two sequential pages.
So you see the first one and think "Wow! Tom cruise!" and then you see it's just a regular Joe.

The idea is that tinted windows make normal people look better. It's just a joke. Nothing to be taken too seriously.

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Fiat - ugly cars for ugly people.

ellehcimeo's picture
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LOL! Bang on Spanky!

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I agree with most of what's been said already, and just want to point out that the execution of the flawed concept isn't even that smooth. If you look closely, the silhouette doesn't match the original shape of the guy all that precisely!


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Ugly people seems more attractive by through tinted window... Not bad idea and can not be understandable for everyone.

lsadunb's picture
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It's a good idea. And it is shortlisted in Cannes now.

raverus's picture
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so boring

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