Fiat: Owl

Advertising Agency: Giovanni + DraftFcb, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Sidney Araújo
Art Directors: Sidney Araújo
Copywriters: Guilherme Aché, Ricarrdo John
Photographer: Marcus Hausser

December 2007


AlphaDog's picture
265 pencils

This metaphore again?
Porra Giovanni, vai dizer que nunca viu esse recurso antes?

dcgroppo's picture
239 pencils

what does this thing says???

Boas ideas's picture
Boas ideas
265 pencils

Mas montruos para repuestos.

washiam's picture
443 pencils

can some good guy explain this for me?

dragon's picture
113 pencils

I think this is about original parts.

whitespace's picture
1953 pencils

Funky Owl. If fake parts makes my car look so good I'd go fake all the way.

lucachez's picture
38 pencils

Well , mazda. chevy and now fiat... the thing is , if i put fake parts in my car, the car may look bad , what if you put a rat tail or something like that , its really stupid make the animal look better , just like the spider , well whatever.

Kateter's picture
2029 pencils

now italians influence brazil...

where is this world going?

cullers's picture
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This is about fake parts? that's what I get for not reading the language. I thought it was saying that with a fiat you get all the smarts (like smart engineering) along with the beauty(the showy design).
owl plus peacock. you don't have to sacrifice brains for beauty.

I'm apparently off in left field here.

Saatchi Makak's picture
Saatchi Makak
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juba_lp's picture
82 pencils

it says "A FIAT is only a FIAT with original parts"..
but i dont know how the fuck the owl is floating..

Twinsen1201's picture
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I agree with whitespace... This version of the owl is even better than the original one = the fiat looks better with fake parts OOPS

yun siang orangutan's picture
yun siang orangutan
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