Fiat: Mud

Not even the best effort of mud can stop it.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Argentina
Copywriter: Dauquen Chabeldin
Art Director: Diego Salas
Creative Directors: Sebastian Olivieri, Pablo Capara
Photographer: Martin Sigal

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Toro's picture
1007 pencils

So you just kill children made out of mud because the breaks are so bad you can't stop?

So far fetched this campaign.

Javier Ramírez's picture
Javier Ramírez
1245 pencils

No son niños, son un engaño, una treta del barro para detenerlo.

Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

washiam's picture
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yeap,this visual is cool,but i dont like

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Guest commenter

The other one with the police officer is okay, but this one is not. It gives the impression that it's okay to run over the children.

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Guest commenter

excellent concept "non-stop" it has all the elements to complement that theme

ackattak's picture
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Die mud babies! Die!

corporal_hicks's picture
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The other one is cool, didn't buy this one.

bvital's picture
198 pencils

giving wrong message

Renan Correa's picture
Renan Correa
186 pencils

Poor children, great campain.


Lip's picture
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muy bueno el concepto.

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Guest commenter

dont buy FIAT it kills children!!!!

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dont buy FIAT it kills children!!!!

kgeiger's picture
7144 pencils

I'm sorry but these are just too contrived for my taste.

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Guest commenter


troika02's picture
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after all that mud, the vehicle stays clean, very believable.

brc912's picture
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bad message with running over the kids... Could have used different barriers (Such as construction barrels/cones, or road blocks made of mud as one option).

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