Fiat Freemont: The earthliner, 2

Freemont. The earthliner.

Freemont.The earthliner. To enhance power, speed and comfort of Fiat Freemont; which all together give a sensation similar to that of flying on a plane; we combined a car crossing a sky-like monochromatic terrain with condensation trail. We also use expression earthliner which phonetically and semantically refers to a world airliner– passenger aircraft. Press ads were released contextually in magazines which are distributed on boards of the planes. Passengers of several airlines read "The earthliner“ Fiat Freemont advertisements in journals such as AirGo! or Airgate.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Warsaw, Poland
Creative Director: Pawel Heinze
Art Directors: Leszek Ziniewicz, Ewa Trzpil-Jesionek
Copywriter: Lukasz Witkiewicz
Illustrator: Finishizer
Photographer: stock
Account director: Marta Obluska
Account Manager: Agnieszka Makarewicz
Published: June 2012


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It's not bad, but two lines of some good copy to provide the reason-to-believe would certainly enhance this idea.

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BTW, it really strikes me why ad agencies are so scared to write a longer copy nowadays (and I don't mean three paragraphs)?? As a potential consumer I would really like to know why they compare this car to an airliner and this ad gives me no clue.

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Roger Keynes
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A twist on an existing idea, yes... but I don't mind this.
And for me, as a writer, I like to see a brand has the confidence NOT to move straight into the 'sell' in the branding ads.
The simpler the better. And 'Earthliner' says what it needs to say nicely.

Will Think for Salary

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very bad

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Heavy pollution car....................

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Siddarth Basavaraj
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Love creating ads..

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Iain H
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Rubbish! Destroy crops. Destroy the environment with a car that guzzles as much petrol as a jet. I despair.

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Roger Keynes
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what the fuck... it must be an election year in here. ;)

Will Think for Salary

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Giving 8, because I own this car and I love it.

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Roger Keynes
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Any jet trail ideas used on land before, J-man? :)

Will Think for Salary

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