Fiat: Delta Runner

I've driven a car you wouldn't believe.

Advertising Agency: Armando Testa, Turin, Italy
Creative Directors: Michele Mariani, Luca Cortesini, Dario Digeronimo
Art Director: Dario D'Angelo
Copywriter: Gian Armando Testa
Illustrator: D2B

June 2008


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3 creative directors, 1 art, 1 copywriter for this? C'mon, Gian Armando Testa, your family deserves something better.

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Hey, that's a nasty rape of a film classics :)))

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Crisp One
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with no lube

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Good work.

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Geez, I'm afraid to know what they are really teaching in design classes anymore. JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN RUN A PROGRAM DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN DESIGN... BEFORE YOU COMMENT GO BACK TO THE BASICS... Who are you catering to? Does it carry the message in the ad? What is your target audience? Is it clean and concise? NOOOO it's too busy and a rip-off from a movie. Futuristic is good but not at the expense of crapping up the design to fill space! C'mon!

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Blade Runner is about a dystopian future. Well done in placing the product in a pretty dismal and horrible future environment.

Also, the line is wrong. It should be "I've seen a car you people wouldn't believe" if you are going to play off the screenplay.

Saying that, the art direction is pretty good, I think.

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Why put something you are trying to promote in a negative psychological environment? The movie suggests the separation of class and structure of society..who rules and who judges whose life is valuable... the psychology of advertising is not to debate the movie as a visual form but "the product placement and accurate message of why one should buy this automobile." Whith that said... it missed the mark. NEXT! Drive thru!

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My eyes are still rolling around from not knowing what to focus on. Maybe the car's actually pretty revolutionary. For 1981.
Too bad it won't live.

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"If only you could see the things I've seen with your eyes"

How horribly dated this is, the retro doesn't work.
Good movie, lame ad.

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Its funny that so much effort was put into such a primitive idea

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