Boxes, 2

November 2008

Photographer: FFFFound!

Print advertisment created by Miami Ad School, Brazil for Fiat, within the category: Automotive.

Illusion is not to have space for its load.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, São Paulo, Brazil
Art Director / Copywriter: Caio Tezoto

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This is a copy o Vasava's Melted Thoughts.
Search fot it on the net.
Vasava is a spanish design studio.

It's a shame even for a student work...

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Ottic illusions....

DONE to death!

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La question n'est pas de deviner si oui ou non ça déjà été fait, mais d'estimer honnêtement si en l'occurrence l'idée sert ou ne sert pas le produit, et si elle est bien mise en oeuvre ou pas.

(Aproximative translation : The question is not to guess if yes or no that already made, but to estimate honestly if the idea is useful or not, and if it is well implemented or not.)

Art Director FP7 Morocco

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Guest commenter

what u mean DONE to death?

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Guest commenter

You say it because you made it!

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Guest commenter

I fell the same!

Ha Ha Ha!
This guy is kind a job?

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It still a good insight... "infinite room"

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What does he mean by 'Photographer: FFFFound'? Did he actually download these pictures from FFFFound site and then just placed the FIAT logo on the corner?

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Guest commenter


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Guys they are JUST STUDENTS.
They are not professionals yet.

Probably they found these in the net and used it as a start for an idea.

Take it easy, they are just wanting to show their work. Sometimes you guys here are too hard with the others.

We all have to respect each others work.

May the force be with you.

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Crisp One
Activity Score 2005

WHAT! F*CK THAT! I had the biggest assholes for instructors in school,
this is nothing. If anything it makes you a better creative.

so, he doesnt have a photographer, here's a thought,
I give the creative respect for getting on AOTW,
but back to the drawing board. That school is expensive,go get your moneys worth.

Diamonds only grow under pressure.

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Sorry, but no. The level of the comments aside, this is supposed to be a professional site. If students dont want their work critiqued like a professional's would be, perhaps Ivan should have something about disabling comments. Otherwise, no, we should treat them the same way we treat everyone else's ads.... by racing to be the first to post DONE. :)


Here, let me save everyone the trouble of asking. "Do you even work in advertising?"

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Rafael Lago
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The guy membered some of those illusion images while brainstorming, googled and found at FFFFound!. I do it all the time with Getty and other banks to create the layouts. I'm sure stundents have no budget for a photografer and cg. The idea is good the execution is OK. Could be bettr? SURE! He will be better. That's why he's studing. Go on Caio!

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I like the fact to use the load boxes... but the copy just doesn't sound right... "Illusion is not to have space for it's loads"... just give it a spin... that's not an illusion guys.

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Nice try and good work, Bravo. But it would be better if you can respect the guideline of FIAT.

Reda rogui
Leo Burnett-Casablanca-Morocco

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Guest commenter

Ok Ok.
But i know the Caio.
He is very god.
This is just a coincidence.

This is like Esher´s work.

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Cool thought, dunno about the tag. Seems more like "Impossible room."

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Being a student doesn't mean you can simply do what you wish. I have to agree with Edwards bout go take a picture if you don't have one to work with. Thats the mentality you need to be a professional and later a great advertiser. The right attitude. Thats the one thing you don't have if this is the kind of work you produce even as a student.

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Guest commenter

No guys, this is just a poor pure fake. All these patterns were created by Vasava ( for Adobe introduction of cs4, and some of them are still on the vasava web, as on the video introduction.


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come on , its a nice concept, guys..

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Guest commenter

this sucks

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It's not DONE TO DEATH. It is just... done. Creative but someone else done before, just one... The known curse of prints. Sad.

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Done or not done it's clean and works well for this application.

As long as your having fun at the end of a beating.

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This is a copy o Vasava's Melted Thoughts.
Search fot it on the net.
Vasava is a spanish design studio.

It's a shame even for a student work...