Fiat 500: Obelix

Advertising School: Hamburger Technische Kunstschule, Hamburg, Germany
Art Director / Copywriter: Alexander Kumfert
Teacher: Peter Janzen
Published: January 2008

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Why can't i crack the code?
any hint --- any body?

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Let me explain. Fiat 500 is a small car Obelix is chubby, sometimes Pinocchio has a long nose, and marge has very high hair.

Different world, same planet.

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I guess they have to make some efforts to fit in the car because it's so small. Isn't that right? / Facebook : Joelapompe

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I'd rather say :
The car is small... but it's so great/nice to drive/etc/etc... that everyone is more than willing to make an effort to fit in.

I feel like it's very easy to misinterpret though... Just like the Canderel ad a few years back with Obelix as well (France - 1999 -

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I think that's probably it. But without full confirmation: unclear campaign. Crap.

Floro's picture
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I dont get it. There are a lot of automotiv campaign with caroons but this is really bad!

krautland's picture
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not clear on what the creatives are trying to say.


talay's picture
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student work

ChuckNorris's picture
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it really is student work.

schule is school in german.

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THey should have had the characters doing things so they could get fit in that tiny car. Obelix puking. Pinoochio sawing off his own nose, etc. haha i probably only crack myself up

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I'd cut the cartoons and use real people. maybe some before and after diet photos. but at the same time people having do crazy shit to fit into a car doesnt really say they love it so much they will go to great lengths to fit into it, as much as it says, fiats have no space.

nemesis's picture
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too many explanations needed... the message doesn't come across.

protex.happydent's picture
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not nice

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Not clear enough (and I do know who he is).

You have to hate advertising in order to truly love it.

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Could be much better.

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not bad. I think they wanna say even the famous characters are willing to change their look.
Not too complicate. maybe you guys want to know more about the car. why did they prefer to change their looks?

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This is a good ad. That reminds you of how simple and nice life used to be when you're young. You'll easily forget your frustrations in life, your income tax, phone bill, boss's expectations when you look at these fun cartoon characters that only speaks of the good times. It's a wonderfull way of depicting Fiat 500's intentions.

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