Fiat 500: Marge

Advertising School: Hamburger Technische Kunstschule, Hamburg, Germany
Art Director / Copywriter: Alexander Kumfert
Teacher: Peter Janzen
Published: January 2008

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vasiem_sid's picture
42 pencils

Why can't i crack the code?
any hint --- any body?

miko1aj's picture
3097 pencils

heroes get shorter/smaller/thinner to fit the car. I think it's simple and good. Maybe art direction could be better, but concept is ok.

krautland's picture
3204 pencils

I disagree. neither is it compelling nor clear.

ernesto p's picture
ernesto p
76 pencils

un poco gratuito y rebuscado...

kgeiger's picture
7016 pencils

Sorry kinder, but this campaign is a rotten egg.

Margaret Gay's picture
Margaret Gay
144 pencils

this campaign is alot of bulls*&t!!!

sold's picture
3219 pencils

teacher should teach students how to sell a product with creativity.
this work dont sell and have low creativity.

1983's picture
148 pencils

why did you do that to marge! you deserves death.

Ratko's picture
113 pencils

i love the comments.

Ad_Man's picture
828 pencils

I think marge should get a car with sunroof instead of this...

Think it for a while.
Then, in anytime, it will come to your mind as an idea.

maidenrlz's picture
10 pencils

one question...where's benefit? only cartoon can buy it, visa, mastercard?

Mr Hughes's picture
Mr Hughes
386 pencils


mlsman5000's picture
128 pencils

There is absolutely no link between the borrowed use of classic cartoons, this car and the benefit which I assume is that it's really small.

Obelix is set around circa 54BC (no cars) and Pinocchio (also set before the invention of the automobile) is too young to drive.

I know this is ad school stuff so whoever is lecturing you needs to rethink their methods.

Henrikssen's picture
47 pencils

Give Marge som scissors.

Fatty3's picture
37 pencils

thahaha she looks like Moe Szisslack now.

Luiza Lucky's picture
Luiza Lucky
59 pencils

Agreed! hahahahahash

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