Coward, 2

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April 2008

Print advertisment created by Wunderman, Chile for FES, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Love that kills. The Cowards Show.

Advertising Agency: Wunderman, Chile
Creative Director: Eduardo Ibarra
Art Director / Illustrator: Pato Valenzuela
Copywriter: Mauro Garcia
Photographer: Rodrigo Barrionuevo

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The first time I like to comment: no comment.

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hm.. i'm not sure. can someone translate the copy, pls?

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that aint nice, beating women up

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That´s exactly what the campaign is for.

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I believe it says:

"Women between the ages of 15 and 44 years have a greater probability of being raped or killed by men than who die from cancer, malaria, accidents or war."

Something like that. My problem with the ads is the fact that the female models are too posed. I am not buying the fact that these women are being beaten. It looks like they are trying to sell something. The other ad is worse than this one.

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Shanty Mathew
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Too glamourised! Way too glamourised.

"A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself." - David Ogilvy

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Guest commenter

Actually, the translation is:

"Women between the ages of 15 and 44 years have a greater probability of being mutilated or killed by a man than they do of dying of cancer, malaria, traffic accidents or war."

It then says "No+femicidio-denucialo".
The first part means "no female-icide" (using a slang term "femicidio" to specifically refer to the killing of WOMEN, as opposed to the term "homicide", which, of course, is generally used to describe the killing of any human, regrdless of gender)
The final part means "denounce it" (condemn it as evil)


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I appreciate the translation, cause my first instinct when I saw this ad was to be mad about how they're glamourizing beating up women. However, now that I understand the ad is actually against the abuse of women, I think it's cool. Although it is rather graphic, I mean I understand sometimes people need something shocking to get them to realize the situation they're in. I think the way the women are looking out from the ad, like they're saying "It's bad enough this is happening to me, you shouldn't let it happen to you as well." I think sends a message of emapathizing with the victim.

Also, I know this may not be as well received as an anti-violence ad, but women can be abusers too. Just saying, maybe have one where the guy is trying to defend himself, and the woman is looking like she's going to kick his butt. I don't think many people are comfortable with gender role-reversals like that though.

I saw the movie Grindhouse by Rob Zombie, and I thought it was interesting how the movie Death Proof was a reverse take on the horror films where a guy kills women mercilessly. Even though the bad guy Stuntman Mike did kill women with his car, the scene when the girls just keep beating him up, and it goes on for awhile, I thought that was too much. I was thinking how if a movie showed that happening to a woman everyone would be so angry, it's a double-standard. Even if the double standard usually is in the other direction, which it is most of the time, the women get a chance to defend themselves in those movies. I think the idea was that because it was a parody of b-movies everyone was stereotyped and given a single personality, but it was stereotyped in the other way of the guy being a victim, albeit not innocent victim, but still victimized by the women at the end.

I felt like I should be happy those girls kicked his mysogynistic jerk behind, but I felt it was just as needless for it to go on, as it's needless in most horror films to show the same kind of torture towards women. I think that was Rob Zombie's point, that it doesn't matter what gender the person is, we shouldn't hold up the people who are the ones who harm others when it's not neccessary as heros. It's upsetting to see either a man or a woman get beat up like that. I feel like, I'm really being a hypocrite here cause I am a fan of "torture porn" movies like Saw, I think the difference is that Saw takes place more in a realm of fantasy, with Rob Zombies films they're blindingly realistic. That's why it's so disturbing.

My point is to make the point that abuse can happen to both genders, and it's terrible for both men and women to be in an abusive situation. So it shouldn't all be stereotyped as the big bad man beating up on the helpless woman all the time, yet that's how people would like to see it so it remains that way.

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VioletYoshi you make interesting points there,the main one being that Rob Zombie made Grindhouse ,thou it was in fact Quentin Tarentino who made it ,Rob Zombie only made one of the faux Trailers "Werewolf Woman Of The SS"

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mala estrategia piensen que la violencia de genero se expresa principalmente en un grupo hetario mayor.... el cliente no era el adecuado parece