Fermofive: Wavy Signature

Don't inherit your dad's identity

Advertising Agency: Publicitas Saatchi & Saatchi Guayaquil, Ecuador
General Creative Director: Mariano Ponzano
Art Directors: Andrés Acosta, Mariano Ponzano
Copywriter: Leandro Lavizzari
Photographer: Bruno Bacigalupo

July 2012


lezy's picture
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if its hair than only this one frm the series seems more like it and blends in completely wid the signature...
if some one cud explain the product being advertised...

Black Hour's picture
Black Hour
368 pencils

I guess it's an anti hair fall product

Aitor Borras's picture
Aitor Borras
245 pencils

Muy buena. Un buen isight representado de manera frecsa, clara y nueva. Muchas felicidades chicos! (Menos mal que mi padre aún conserva su cabellera)

Creative Director. www.aitorborras.com

MindDrift's picture
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It's a signature in the shape of a hair, which belongs to the father who has hair loss problems, but thanks to Fermofive, the son doesn't have to inherit his father's hair loss problem.
Talk about simplicity :)

robthelad's picture
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My Father's identity is not based upon his appearance, I'd like to inherit that.

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adgoodie's picture
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Ummm.....hasn't it been proven that losing your hair is based on the MOTHER'S father?

DesignDine's picture
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Well done!

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