Fenistil: Mosquito

Tame your irritation

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Switzerland
Creative Directors: John Pallant, Roger Kennedy, Jean-François Fournon
Art Director: Julien de Preux
Copywriters: Kevin Pereira, Daniel Lunn
Illustrator: David Lobser

April, 2009


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just write
653 pencils

This is funny... good one.

wildbore's picture
749 pencils

clean n nice. good job guys!

Muneer Bhatti's picture
Muneer Bhatti
146 pencils

i think no text need on this ad, its really nice.

mark09's picture
90 pencils

I like this campaign. Good illustrations, David.

Guest's picture

I've never heard of this product, so I'm let to assume ... it's a bug repellent? If so, I think the copy is weird, "Tame your irritation." Sounds like it could be for a hemmorhoid cream or something. Confusing.

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yo. actually its a gel that you uses when you get bite by insect. its a swiss product not well known (I suppose)... cheers!

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