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hey dick, do you approve this ad?

i believe i have seen something very very similiar in the exhibition forum recently, either wonderbra, penis pills or axe.

well pretty lame
The axe effect for bi males and females?

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Dick Huges
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My name is Dick Huges and I do not approve this ad. This ad wouldnt sell a single Axe or anything. Sorry no internets for your advertising.

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Dick has somehow become the judge of this site. But we still don't know how he award the internet.

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I don't always agree with Dickie boy but today I do. Very lazy work for Axe.

Ney Frances's picture
Ney Frances
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hahahaha! to be bi is the new trend?

is there life before death?

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EMO taking over the world!!! AArrgh

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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bullshit... very weak and naive thinking... this is not a front page ad at all. yet i've seen a lot better in the forum too.

I don't know what is the criteria anymore!!!!!

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Mtl Dave
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I think this is great. Male in females... This is relevent. That's what AXE is all about.

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Killer Kowalski
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I agree.

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No. I don`t agree. This is what the MANKIND is all about.

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Too 90's, and the "Arial" (not even Helvetica, Helvetica ROCKS!!!!!) is too plain.


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this actually IS helvetica 55 roman, not arial (see the 'a')

i think this is a bad ad that tries to be simple by any means.

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Boony wants a beer
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Read and learn:

That was to fersvax by the way.

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Thank you, teacher!!!


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Ooh. There's Male IN females. I thought it was a male surrounded by females. I'm slow and cynical this morning. I think this ad is OK.

Fail Harder.

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see i actually saw it a bit further than THAT.

I actually thought it was something sexual like men inside of females........ ????

THATS the AXE effect? I just have a dirty mind or something.

Anyway, made everyone think.

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this is what i thought when i saw it in archive. if you're a male and you wear axe, you'll get inside the females.

nice & simple message.

very cool.


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ming the merciless
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It works both ways. It's ok.

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Joseph Campbell
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Great. Use Axe and you'll be surrounded by fes. Fes are deadly. Stay away from them.

We'll reconvene at 10.


I've decided I hate signatures.

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Well, just don't wear Axe and you'll have no problem Joseph

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Activity Score 238

Good ad - makes you work the message out for yourself. I like.

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For gays??

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Activity Score 491


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Activity Score 156

Bad stuff Lowe, think again.

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Hey Dick & Sick-o how do you become a judge, when you dont know what the ad says? Man if you don't understand insights don't comment cos it look a bit stupid. I understand the ad is not a front pager but its ok. By the way the ad looks familiar.

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Scam Detector
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When you are male you have females all around you, with Axe.

Great ad. Very clever and straight to the point.

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It is pap, I really don't like such lazy copywriting/art direction, let alone when its combined in the same visual.


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Makes me imagine a man wrapped by women. Not a bad point. But the technique, and specially the font is disappointing.

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Makes me imagine a man wrapped by women. Not a bad point. But the technique, and specially the font is disappointing.