Felina Pet Shop: American

This is how your cat feel when you take him to a clinic for dogs. Felina, veterinary clinic exclusive for cats.

Advertising Agency: Propeg, Salvador, Brazil
Creative Directors: Ana Luisa Almeida, Ariston Quadros
Art Director: Lucas Reis
Copywriter: Ana Luísa Almeida
Illustrator: Lucas Reis, Danilo Carvalho

July 2011


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love the illustration style, and the shape they use for the text line. The other is funny, but this one tends more to a political view. Which i don't apreciate.

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Hammad S
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This is offensive. (1) The ad portrays muslims as dogs. (2) Random muslims don't jeer or get angry on plain sight of a non-muslim (assuming the american is a non-muslim). Majority of muslims are very kind. No one can assume these are "terrorists" either since the american isn't a soldier, and there are muslims who look like that but aren't "terrorists". (3) Muslims are cat owners (they don't own dogs as pets -religious restriction) and I think this ad offends them. It offends me. I'm cool with the others in the series but this combo isn't appropriate.
I understand the concept, it's good, but this combo isn't. Don't use religious/political topics...

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Nike Diesel
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I find your comment offensive. Really.
"Majority of muslims are very kind." and etc, etc ... pls, c'mon.
Don't be so ignorant and start a political debate here.

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you are totaly right Hammad, +1

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Exactly. Well put, Hammad. They might as well have thrown in a black man walking into a bar full of the KKK (although, at least in that situation the characters would be identifiably racist). I get the idea, but this is lazy and inappropriate.

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And Jordan's number was 23, not 9.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!! http://adsoftheworld.com/forum/135094

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Not cool.

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