FedEx: Ship

Every problem has a FedEx.

Advertising School: Art & Design Academy, Egypt
Art Director: Moemen Khafaga


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Rami Qaddoumi
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bad execution and bad idea

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i'd beg to differ. i think this is great execution for an ad school.

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Rami Qaddoumi
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yes for a school ad yes its a great
because i saw only this one and i thought that an agency did it - so no the execution is great for a school level and i think the idea from a students is good

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Lame excuses after making a foolish comment!
From the thumbnails you could even see the FedEx logo and the 'series of 5' is clear from the color treatment!!

"Everyone has the right to criticise, WHO HAS A HEART TO APPRECIATE ?".


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is this boat faster than a car between buildings?? or any one explain please

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
Pablo Picasso

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It means FedEx don't give a shit about roads and will drive a ship onto it as long as they get your money.

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Is that from Speed 2?

Quite really.

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Dont care about the execution here cause the idea falls short. Keep trying though.

"Sex sells. Truth even better." - A friend

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absolut shit

Strike two stones with one bird

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great copy, i like the concept of making fedex=solution, but all executions are terrible, it's a shame :/

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Sherif Hany
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khosara bgd...
really u did good job in design but in vain because the message is wrong because of the design

but well done in the design

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