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dean viii
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wow. when will people stop stealing? this is really pissing me off. the major award shows need to clamp down on this hard. not saying this won an award, but ripped off work does win and it's possibly the only way to control this. that and calling people out on here.

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yes its done by Red-Logistics: Kitchen

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this is concept
love it

Designer Don't Do Different Things
They Do Things Differently

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I am also feeling this kind of Ad.....
Concept good

Chaminda Rathnayake

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Isn't this the same as well!!?? which one got produced first!! who's the rip off master here?

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I'd say this is a good start.

But I think it needs something. Maybe a line.

I'm not sure what you're saying with the ad, but I'm guessing you're trying to get people thinking of FedEx as a solution when otherwise they might not. Something like 'If you can box it, you can FedEx it'.

That might not be what you're saying, and even if it is there'll be a better line than that.

Some people are more visual, others intake info in words better. Others will just get it faster if you make it more obvious. If you're buying ad space why not use it sell to all those types of people.

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dean viii
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A great writer knows when not to write. And this is one of those situations.

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I agree with your first sentence.

In an awards show, I'm guessing the ad might go further with no line.

As an ad, I'm guessing a line would help it get into more people's heads.

But I don't think there'll be any data to prove it either way.

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I also agree with the first sentence.

And the second sentence. People know that FedEx can ship your stuff. Why does this ad need a line to reinforce that?

The bigger question is why would FedEx even brief an agency to make this ad? Everybody knows that FedEx ships stuff. Why aren't they communicating some USPs? How fast can they ship overseas? Or do they have the best business rates? This ad doesn't seem to be telling me anything that differentiates the brand.

And who needs to courier a microwave?

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Done!!! AlmapBBDO

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Cristian A. Fernández / Director de Arte /

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not feeling the ad at all.

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any one knows when this got produced?

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ok got it:

Advertiser: FedEx Corporation
Brand name: Fedex
Product: Fedex
Agency: DDB Mexico
Country: Mexico
Category: Postal, Courier & Shipping Services
Released: April 2012