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"The H has yet to arrive, sorry my dark looking friend"

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Minas Gerais is not in São Paulo.

Please change it to:
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Minas Gerais, Brazil

About the idea:
Not good, not bad.

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I like it, seen in a series it's absolutely clear. Please don't listen to the ihaveanidea mob, no wonder they're thinking of stopping the commenting there all together.

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Could someone please explain what is the message here? I'm lost, and I can imagine 1000s of potential customers with me.

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you have a 'go' (cause you need package delivered) and FedEx takes care that it comes to 'got' (package delivered).
now it's 'here' (at your desk for example) and and FedEx takes care that it comes to 'there' (where you want it).
simply put ;-)

miles and smiles is a puzzle to me and it sticks out a bit.

but nevertheless I like it. it's pretty simple, the product is the hero and the two messages are spot on.

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Love this campaign.
So nice to see.
Simple but nice art direction and idea.

Jonathan Betancur

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From miles away many smiles arrive. Easy. Nice campaign.

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