Febreze: Car

Advertising Agency: DLC, Puerto Rico
Executive Creative Director: Rafael Sepúlveda
Copywriters: Gabriel Ríos, Daniel Roman
Art Directors: Jennifer Zierenberg, Francis Fernández
Account Supervisor: Yanira Otero
3D Production: Reaktor Post
Published: April 2012


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Febreeze Car, now transforming your car model from one, to another!

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I've definitely driven that top car before.

Great campaign

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"Art is my life's satisfaction"

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Excellent concept. Great execution.

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Fernando Fernandes
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As propagandas depois de transformers... bem! esta boa a idéia é bom assim como a grafcia!

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Agree with comments, and like the other ad in the campaign.
- stopped me as I flicked through the ads on the site, and so would in a magazine. The interesting visual story pulls you in.
- works really for those familiar with some past and current pop culture (transformers). But even if not is visually clear that is about transforming from something bad into something good/ better.
- I guess designed for markets where people know what Frebreze is
but a line or two as pay off the story would be a nice summary. But works without a lot of copy.


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Change the color too.

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exellent concept. Bad logo.

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