FCB Barcelona Foundation / Unicef: Two

Barca's most difficult game is about to begin

You can watch the TV commercial as well here:

Agency: Contrapunto, Barcelona, Spain
Creative directors: Tomás Oliva, Manuel Padilla
Art director: David García
Copywriter: Aleix Bou i Emma Piquer
Photographer: Sergi Pons
Director: Gabe Ibáñez
Music: B.S.O. Dani Espinet i Toni Saigi (Chupi)


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now, this one's, like, so far off, like , so oh wow... you, like, hip?

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LIKE IT........

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They have become mere advertising objects, guess becuase there no one to object from their side.
Agreed about their ground realities, but isnt their some positive(creative) way to higlight their plight... people have got immune & sick to this. Can we have shock value, with this kind on topics.

I dont know... may be I am wrong... totally offtrack

Its a responsibility rather then a assignment, that is wat I feel.

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Makes me always wonder what is the outcome of such advertising. Do they really generate any funds or the ads merely appears in one low running magazine and win the agencies some awards. I looked at the ad, knew it is for Unicef but immediately forgot the cause. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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I love it, it works and communicates brilliantly... but satan I think that we have definately became numb to this whole shock thing. We do not respond how we are supposed to respond. It does not make us donate money... although we do remember the ad. We have to ask ourselves and understand what the advertiser is trying to do.. are they just doing it to win awards? or are they truly trying to reach out? Im unsure.

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Lovely photography.

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I find the idea gratuite. Moreover, i dont like the idea of Barca's getting credit for unicefs
actions. They're just giving them money, so it's really not "Barca's game". Photography is pretty clean.
4 points.

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Nice execution, but the idea is very cheap

S Maye

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Nice execution, but the idea is very cheap

S Maye

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