Fayreform Lingerie: Work Your Curves, 1

Bet you didn't notice the guy in the ape suit.
Work Your Curves

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Mike O'Sullivan
Creative Group Heads: Rob Beamish, Hilary Badger
Photographer: Craig Owen
Via: bestadsontv


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Fogerty Gomez

No only this was aleady done by VW, but also... Is this ad for men or woman? This brasier ad talks to men, not to women.

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Javi Ending
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I didn't notice the guy in the ape suit because either way, I CAN'T SEE IT

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To be honest, I didn't see the floor, the chair, the lamp and the vitreaux. Then, I have to buy that girl.

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Funny thing is that the first thing I noticed was the ape.. I think its the placement of imagery, left to right natural eye path. I think if they flipped the positioning of the mirror it would have worked.

PS - Does that make me gay? lol

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Nope, I didn't notice it, neither did whoever was in charge of the lighting. Poor gorilla, armadillo and T-Rex are in the dark.

And I agree with AG, I guess this all means we REALLY need to purchase a half-naked woman.

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The ads make the reader take a second look. It works.


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Why do they even try to be clever with these ads? The equity they are leveraging is the sex apeal of the woman. Just be up-front you rubes and make the ad about how sexy the product makes the buyer look/feel.

These ads that try to be overly clever make the whole thing go to crap.

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This is not Mike O'sullivan, i not be believing this with my own eyes, disgrace!!!!!! desperate!!!!

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pneuburg i right - it makes the reader take a second look - IT WORKS

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I didn't notice the gorilla. And I didn't notice the bear moonwalking backwards through the shot either. Ohhh sorry, wrong ad.

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