Fatal Surf Sports+Urban: Wall

Advertising Agency: 9ine Sports & Entertainment, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Gustavo Diehl, Danilo Janjacomo
Art Directors: Alessandro Perottoni, Daniel Lemos
Copywriter: Leonidas Razera
Photographer: Fabio Minduim
Published: November 2012


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Bad translation. I think it should read something like "this is the wall I used to like my stuff on" or "this is the wall on which i use to like my stuff"

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Translation is right. It means he uses this wall instead of facebook's. But that "this super authentic real life thing is my social network" attitude is starting to get kind of boring...

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Bad copy for the whole campaign,

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Nice thought maybe. But the headline is horribly written or just poorly translated.

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are you guys kidding?

the line is perfect.
nothing wrong with the translation.

this is the wall i use to like my stuff, as opposed to the facebook wall you use to "like" your stuff.
the only problem may be with the adjective "like" in "liking your skateboard" to say "enjoying your skateboard" but it's understood

great play of copy with visual imo

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I think it's really nice. Great photography and great copy.

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yeah. the triumph of this campaign is so on your face. truly commendable!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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