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so they die of what? to much food? thirst? war? an explanation would be nice.
besides that: beautifully made

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i think they like to say that the only one who gets enough is the death. i like it somehow. (of course not the situation in africa!!!!)

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ahmed ragheb
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yeah .. the copy sux !! or i can[t understand it !! but AN AWESUM MADe i like it \m/

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The grim reaper does not eat people.

If the grim reaper was really busy killing people, he'd be in shape.


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I agree that the grim reaper does not eat people.

Sitting on his but all day with no one to kill would make him fat.

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exactly... Nice image, wrong insight...

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i like it, really amazing

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know how to suck?

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You do that with your balls, we hear.

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well...nice try...but failed...

(i do like the artwork tho, but it's just a topic that deserves a more elaborate approach)

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so the angel of death eats them?

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Disco Munky
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Nice photo.....really weak approach.

The faults with the visual should have been sorted and the line needs follow up to explain they aren't just being flippant.

Not too keen but the core idea seems...ok, so it's not all bad...

"Make a name, or be defamed"

Doin' it for the points

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Some culture before making crap, death doesn't eat people.

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360 grados
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student work

a failed one


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I think it's trying to say that a lot of people are dying of that disease in which your belly gets huge?


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yes mackinven

but the thing is it IS caused by hunger. (those big belly disease)


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I think they're trying to say Death is so fat from eating all the food? or is it the children... what? no!, yes?, maybe.
Ah fuck it I just like the art.

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No more ads with death in them. Got it?

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The reaper doesnt eat, he actually was caught by some disease in africa my friends.
But I agree no one knows about this so ps try to be more specific. On the other hand damn great idea my friend.

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u have done it very nicely.art direction is grrreat.
problem is message. it's not comming out. i think line should be more more easy to understand.
i love the visual.

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in the name of ad
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it's not a great ad at all but votes:3! it's hard... the creatives must have a lot of ennemies!
i like the execution even if it's ''deja vu''

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this is the result of being over-creative in ur copy.

copy is strong,
but as the target audience is not africans,,,the explanation is must.

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Rodrigo Renzo
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Poor Idea, nice art direction

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