Fastrack: Make Hell Cool, 3

End of the world...Make Hell Cool

Advertising Agency: Fisheye Creative Solutions, Bangalore, India
Strategy Head: Dave Banerjee
Creative Director: Tony Lawrence
Art Director: Sourabh Thakur
Copywriter: Praveen Balachander
Photographer: Tejal Patni
Film Director: Littil Swayamp
Production Company: Littil Works

December 2012


feysal's picture
2561 pencils

nice photography and art direction

groovy baby!

Shawali's picture
8440 pencils

Terrible photoshoping and art direction.

Too bad, because the idea of dead people with cool clothes is pretty awesome.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

kleenex's picture
40694 pencils

I do not like the print ads at all.

glutamin's picture
107 pencils

the biggest problem is they don't look like they're dead. but like Shawali said, the idea is good and have a lot of potential.

Siddarth Basavaraj's picture
Siddarth Basavaraj
1673 pencils


Love creating ads..

Melzahar's picture
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I don't like using this idea over and over again in the movies and the advertisements. Why we want to die!!
I'm wondering why we don't have a day to end the wars around the world even if just an idea! can any body imagine world with out wars and pains!

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