Farmer John: Tattoo

Tasty foods. Happier kids.

Advertising Agency: Al Punto Advertising, Tustin, California, USA
Chief Creative Director: Eduardo Bottger
General Creative Director: Diego Castillo
Associate Creative Director: Hernán Ibañez
Art Directors: Salamagica
Copywriter: Diego Castillo, Verónica Ruvioli
Illustrator: Salamagica
Photographer: Paul Schneider
Post-Production: Salamagica


spronski's picture
54 pencils

uh ?

KM's picture

It's a suicide????

Spanky's picture
4901 pencils

looks rather suicidal for such a happy kid.

Maxwedge's picture
558 pencils

Nice art.
Am thinking this one could have the opposite effect. The message would have been more positive if there were 2 other kids hanging out with him.

UnclePlayground's picture

I don't think I wanna be staring at a kid's underwear in a food advert.

Harry S.'s picture
Harry S.

please please please - don't bother with tattoo ads - these are done since 1998 or so. sorry.

gruest's picture

please please please - don't bother me with words - they' ve been in use for too long or so. sorry.

clamyd's picture

jeeeeeeeeeeeeeez. he just ate his mum, you can see her head and her torso ham. now he's about to jump down that wall.
jump josé, you deserved it

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1506 pencils

Take this one out. The other two are better, the artwork... whoa... standing ovation to Salamanca.

fed's picture

the poor kid has trapped wind

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