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andrej dwin
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visually it got me into "wow"
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AdArena: Sex Sells

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This retouching sucks.

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• Provide constructive feedback. “It sucks” is not appropriate—offer meaningful comments about the work.

Arnold Santillan

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Somehow it doesn't really fit into the campaign with the deer and the motorcycle chase.

Too many cooks in the kitchen....

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"Too many cooks in the kitchen...." (bis)

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Boas ideas
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Esta es muy inferior a las otras. Creo que le falto retoque

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This ad somehow does not just say it's a small car. it looks a bit like an amusement park ad to be honest. The deer one clearly drives da point home. Personally this looks a little confused to me.

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The visual is me interested immediately....but hey what has this got to do with a small car except the copy??

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Looks more like an ad that points out "the joy of driving". However, the photoshop-work is so horrible, that I can hardly believe this is no fake.

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In matter of fact this print doesn't fit the whole campaign, but it was used to call the attention of the costumers inside the store. It is not fake afterall.

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It does refelct the "fun" side of driving which for many of us is an element that must be integrated in the car's value. **The translation is wrong...this one says "Now all models, on promotion @..." Así Es**

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Matchbox cars also had tracks you could buy that had loops in the them. Very fun. Did none of you ever have matchbox cars as a kid?

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tyco too!

Arnold Santillan

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The best one. A little more work on the retouching, particurarly the sky, would have been prefect.

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